Bud, Not Buddy- Ch. 6 and 7

Answer these questions-


How did the librarian break the new rule?

What door closes and what “door” do you think is going to open now?

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  1. The librarian broke the new rule because she started her sentence with “Haven’t you heard?”usually when they say that, it means that there is something that you haven’t heard about.The door that closes is the door about Mrs.Hills moving to Chicago. I think maybe while Bud is sleeping the Amos es will find him and he’ll end up in a lot of trouble

  2. In chapter 6, Bud went to a mission to get food and some people acted like Bud was their child so he could get food. He thanked them and Bud went back to the library.
    In chapter 7, Bud finds out that Miss Hills is not here and that she is not a “Miss” anymore. So Bud goes back to the trees he hid in and he eventually went back to sleep.

  3. The book I read today was called Bud, not Buddy. (As you all know) Here are some comprehension questions that I answered.

    1. The librarian broke the rule where when you start of a sentence with a Haven’t you heard, the rest of the sentence turns out to be something that you haven’t heard about and you don’t want to know about it.

    2. The door that closed was when Bud wasn’t going to get any food because he was late in the line that headed to the mission. The door that opened was when a pretend family helped him get food when they pretended that Bud was part of their family.

    This book is going good so far and so is the clock! :D

  4. Well, as you all know the librarian broke the rule by saying ” haven’t you heard that” When ever someone says that, you really don’t want to hear unless you like to be negative. But me.. I’m always positive ! :)

    The second question answer is below:
    A door closes when you do something terrible bad. So either god or destiny gives you a new opportunity right around the corner to fix your self

    happily blogged by the one and ONLY~
    Ruhi :)

  5. The librarian broke the new rule by saying to Bud “Haven’t you heard?” By now if I were Bud I would be all like, ” Excuse me, did I miss something?” The door that closes is when Bud escapes from the Amos family. The new door that opens is him living with the family he found in the line to have his breakfast, I think it was breakfast? I hope that Bud’s new pretend family will actually give him a new start towards his future. If it does, GO BUD! = )

  6. Book: Bud, Not Buddy
    By: Christopher Paul Curtis
    In this book that I read today, the librarian broke the Bud Caldwell’s Rules and Things for Having a Funnier Life and Making a Better Liar Out of Yourself when she told him Miss. Hill turned into a Mrs. Rollins and moved to Chicago. This broke the rule because the rule number 16 states that when an adult says, ” haven’t you heard”, it means someone kicked the bucket/died. This broke the rule because Mrs. Rollins is not dead and is living a fun and happy life in Chicago. A door closed when Bud couldn’t get into line for something to eat. A door opened when a family took him in and let him eat breakfast with them. A door that might open is Bud might find a companion to company him when he goes about in the world.
    -Aaron C.

  7. The door of the Amoses is closing and the door of freedom is now opening. The librarian broke the rule when she said didn’t you hear and Bud knows that when someone says that it means something bad happened.

  8. The librarian broke the new rule by saying that nothing bad happened to Mrs.Hills.This breaks the rule because the rule said that if an adult starts the sentence with “haven’t you heard”. I think the library door will close and the possibility of leaving door might open.

  9. In the book Bud, Not Buddy by: Christopher Paul Curtis, the librarian broke rule and things #16. That was when she said, ” haven’t you heard???” That meant that get ready for something like if you headed into a boiling tragedy.
    The closing of one door was when Bud walked out of the Amoses house as a free man, well at least until they found him. The new door is when he has his next challenge/ or difficulty.
    -Gloria Lee #14

  10. Book Title: Bud, Not Buddy

    In Chapter 6-7, Bud gets his breakfast, but barely. Some strangers “take” in Bud as Clarence. Also, a librarian helps Bud. She tells him that Miss Hill is married and moved and how much time it would take to get to Chicago, which is where Miss Hill now lives.

    In response to Question 1, the librarian broke the new rule by saying “Haven’t you heard?”, and that’s violating Rules and Things Number 16.

    As to Question 2, the door to Miss Hill closed but the door to a new blessing tomorrow is opened.

  11. The librarian broke the rule in Rules and things #16 by saying “Haven’t you heard?”. So the goal or door closes for finding Ms. Hill and a door opens to getting caught, or going to “Home”(I mean the place before a Foster Home).

  12. The chapters I read were 6-7 in Bud, not Buddy. So, the answers to the question are…
    1. The librarian broke the rule because she said that,”Haven’t you heard..” because it usually turns out something you don’t know about. But, also, at the same time you don’t want to know about that.
    2. Based on that quote, the action demonstrating the door closing is when Bud reaches the line, but is too late. So, he sadly is said that he won’t get food. But, the door does open because a fake family helps him get the food.
    That quote said by his Mom really can be true sometimes. Wow!

  13. 1.The librarian broke the rule by sating that Mrs. Hills was fine.

    2.Bud tries to make it in time to make i for breakfast. But he was to late, ready to give up a man that he’s never seen before comes up to Bud and calls him Clarence and gets has to stay with the family and finally get’s what he wants {food}.

  14. How did the librarian break the new rule?
    She started a sentence with the words “Haven’t you heard?” to Bud.It followed with news that did not include death. She told him that Miss Hill had married and moved away
    What door closes and what “door” do you think is going to open now?
    Door closing is :he won’t get food because he was to late
    Door opening: a “pretend family” acts like his family and gets him food

  15. In Ch.6-7 ….

    1. The librarian broke the rules by saying “Haven’t you heard???” That usually means that if you haven’t heard you should know and get ready! The librarian broke Rules and Things #16. .
    2. I think that the door that closed is when Bud is no longer an “Amose” and when he doesn’t have to live under the rules of the Amoses. The new door that will open when a family gives him food because a new door opens with positivity.

  16. Bud, Not Buddy
    by Christopher Paul Curtis

    The librarian broke the new rule because the rule said that whenever a person said, “haven’t you heard?”, the following news would be really bad. However, this rule was broken because the librarian actually had GOOD news for Bud.
    I think that the door that closes is the door to the foster homes and the “Home”.
    I am not going to answer the other question because I have read the book an do not wish to spoil it for others.

  17. Dear Mrs,Vaughns;
    The librarian broke rule number 16 in Bud Caldwell’s Rules and Things for Having a Funner Life and Making a Better Liar of Yourself by saying,” Haven’t You Heard?” I think the door that closed was the doorway to the idea of going to the “Home” and the door that just opened was the door to his plans of walking all the way to Chicago.

  18. 1. Well the librarian broke the new rule by saying ” haven’t you heard” witch usually means that something bad is going to come out of their mouths.

    2. So first the door closes because bud is to late for his food and then the door opens up because he got the eat with his ” family”.

  19. In Bud, Not Buddy the librarian broke the new rule by saying “Haven’t you heard?” which usually means that they are going to talk about something bad that happened. The door closes when Bud has overslept and missed the time to eat at the mission but then a family pretends that Bud is their son for just breakfast and then they let Bud in. That’s when the door opens.

  20. 1. In Bud, Not Buddy, the librarian broke Bud Caldwell’s Rule #16:
    If a Grown-up Ever Starts a Sentence by Saying
    “‘Haven’t You Heard,’ Get Ready ‘Cause
    What’s About to Come Out of Their Mouth Is Gonna Drop You Head first into a Boiling Tragedy.”
    The librarian said, “Haven’t you heard…” but it wasn’t such bad news. It may have dropped Bud head first in boiling tragedy, but it shouldn’t have and it was actually very good news. She just had to leave to Chicago.
    2a. I think the door that was that the adventure of Bud leaving the Amos’s house. Then a whole new adventure opened because now since he left the House(s), he is on the run/lam. Now he will have to live on scraps and junk. How will he find food. I first didn’t believe that this quote was useful but now I do.

  21. Buddy’s on the “lam”, and now, he’s finding his life very difficult.
    When he went to the library, the new librarian broke the Bud Caldwell’s Rules and Things for Having a Funner Life and Making a Better Liar of Yourself (‘Funner’ isn’t a word) #16. The rule is that when an adult says, “Haven’t you heard?” it means that you’re going to hear something really bad, but the librarian said, “Haven’t you heard?” and then said something good that happened to Miss Hill (who is now Mrs. Rollins).
    When Buddy’s momma was still alive, she said to him, “And Bud, I want you always to remember, no matter how bad things look to you, no matter how dark the night, when one door closes, don’t worry, because another door opens.” This doesn’t mean another door would open literally, but it means that if you look from the whole picture, when something may seem very bad, it always turns around into something good. The opening door is the door of chance. A door closed when Buddy was alone with no one to care for him. He has to support his own self, and it’s not easy. It seemed very upsetting to Bud, but I predict that a door would open, like his momma said. I think that he will meet new people.

  22. Bud, not Buddy

    Chapter 6, Bud thankfully finds a fake family for about an hour so that he could et past breakfast. In chapter 7, the librarian breaks one of Caldwell’s rules. It was “haven’t you heard,” means something bad was always going to happen, but she let something good happen.

  23. Today we all read the chapters 6 and 7 in Bud, Not Buddy.
    1.The librarian broke the rule because the book said that if you say “haven’t you heard” always means something bad is going to happen.

    2.I think that a new door would be if he found someone to help him know in this crisis,someone who will take care of him NOT like the Amos’s.

  24. Today I read chapter 2,3,4,5 and half of 6 in these chapters bud gets put in a shed by the Amoses for bad behavior but while he was in the shed hornets attacked him so he decided to get revenge on the Amoses. To get revenge he got water and spilled it in Todd’s bed to make it look like he wet the bed. After he did that he got his suitcase and went to the library where he slept under a tree. The next morning he wakes up late so he has to sprint to the mission to get breakfast when he arrived he is to late but a family pretends he is their son to let him eat.

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    In the story so far, a Robotic leader named Mata Nui rules a world filled with Bionic beings. Then one day, he gets exiled by the dark power of the Brotherhood of Makuta. He soon lands in a place called Bara Magna. This place is also filled with similar beings he once ruled long ago. He meets robots each with their own elemental powers. Kiina: masters water. Ackar: masters fire. And Gresh: master of earth. Mata Nui doesn’t remember who he is and what his purpose is either. He soon learns about the Makuta and their plot to bring an army of their ancestors, the Skrall, with a little help of their master, Tuma, and their general, Stronius. Their number one target: Eliminate Mata Nui and his new friends. To get past their horrible plot, Mata Nui must find out who he truly is, along with him freeing his enslaved people.

  26. Book title:Edward Tulane
    By:Kate Dicamillo

    I read this book called Edward Tulane by
    Kate Dicamillo. This book is about following the life of a china rabbit. Edward lost his owner on a ship and had traveled to many places like a fishers house, dump, hobo, a boy, and a toy shop. His original owner was a girl that he was united with 20 years later.

  27. In bud not buddy the librarian said haven’t you heard about Miss.Hill, then She broke the rule the rule was when someone says haven’t you heard , you might want to brace for the impact cause that type of news is usually bad.

    The door of sleep closed and the door of awakeness opened.

  28. Book: Journey Home by: Yoshiko Uchida
    In this book so far, the main charcater is Yuki. Her and her family are living in Utah right now because of the Japanese war thats going on. So all of the Japanese people have to live in internment camps. But, one day her dad gives the family news that they can go back to living in Berkley, Califoria. In her family there are her mom, dad, brother( his name is Ken), and herself. Her brother Ken is one of the soldiers fighting against Japan. People didn’t like japanese people since they had a war going on with them. Japanese people got a lot of hatred.

  29. Today I read Percy Jackson and in the battle annabeth falls off the cliff and everyone thinks she is dead. As they continue on the hunters, Percy, Thaila, and Grover meet Apollo, god of the sun who arrives in his shiny red sports car which is sort of the sun. The plan was that they one hitch a ride with Apollo to camp half-blood so Apollo has to change the sports car into a shuttle bus. When they get in the bus Apollo makes Thaila drive but, for some reason Thaila cannot drive AT ALL!!!! When she started she slammed on the gas pedal and the next thing Percy knew he was flying around the bus then – BOOM!!! – they crashed in the lake of camp half-blood.

  30. Book: Hoot
    Author: Carl Hiaasen

    So far Roy saw the boy running in the woods and was astonished on how fast he could run… Even in the hot Florida heat!! And what really surprised him was that the boy just jumpes over the German sheperd guard dog like it was nothing. Now he Is talking to his friend all about it

  31. Title: Philippa Fisher’s Fairy Godsister
    by: Liz Kessler
    Philippa’s best friend, Charlotte, is about to move away on a farm. But that meant that they’d just about never see each other again! Philippa’s really depressed. Together, on what was their very last play date before Charlotte moved away, they made daisy chains together. They planned to exchange them as a symbol of their friendship. But when Philippa makes her daisy chain, she feels like there’s something mysterious about one particular daisy…

  32. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
    Chapter Nine: Grim Defeat
    The night after Black’s break-in, all the students sleep in the Great Hall, while the professors search the castle for Black. They find nothing. Sir Cadogan replaces the Fat Lady as the Gryffindor entrance portrait, and he spends the days making up complicated passwords and challenging students to duels.
    The Gryffindor House has its first game against Hufflepuff, who has always been an unformidable opponent still, Oliver Wood tells the team to take Hufflepuff seriously. The day of the match, Harry enters his Defense Against the Dark Arts class to find Snape substituting, and Lupin’s lesson plans in order to teach the class about werewolves. The Gryffindor team take the field. Harry and Cedric Diggory, the Hufflepuff seeker, circle around each other looking for the Snitch. All of a sudden, Harry sees the sight of a large black dog silhouetted against the bleachers; the next moment he sees the Snitch, and finally, as he graspes it on his trusty Nimbus 2000 broomstick, he looks down to see hundreds of Dementors milling around alongside the field. Harry hears the scream of his mother as Voldemort murdered her, and falls out of the sky. He wakes in the hospital wing to find that Cedric caught the Snitch, the Hufflepuffs won the game. Harry’s Nimbus had landed in the Whomping Willow, an angry thrashing tree in the Forbidden Forest, and had been ruined.

  33. Book Title: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
    By: J.K. Rowling

    Today I read that Harry was told that he was going to be the new Seeker on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. He is the youngest player in a century to be on the team. And he got the best broomstick yet that time so he could play even better. Why had Harry been on the team? Well Draco Malfoy helped him be on the team. He stole Nevile’s Remembrall (a ball that helps you remember things), so Harry tried to get it back. Malfoy threw it and Harry caught it in a 50-foot dive. Luckily Professor McGonagall saw this and put him in the Quidditch team.

  34. In chapters 8 ,9,10 I read about how Bud goes to the library and talks to the other librarian and then he figures out that Mrs. Hills went to Chicago. When Bud figures out that time would flow by easily if he walked during the night, since there was only 24 hours l=eft.. The Librarian noticed that Bud hasn’t been hungry so she gives him a sandwich. She also gives him a big, gigantic book, but Bud didnt want to tell her that he wasnt interested but then he read for nonstop time, now a little longer to the west.

  35. In chapter 9 and 10 Bugs and Bud make an attempt for the train ride. Luckily Bugs makes it while Bud doesn’t. He is forced to stay behind with all of his possessions in the suitcase.
    - Read by Ruhi

  36. Book: Fearless
    By: Eric Blehm
    In this book, “Fearless”, it is about a person called Adam Brown. He is a navy seal member of seal team six and lives a life of danger. When he was young he was always jumping of bridges and doing all sorts of crazy things. Then when he grew older, he knew that he wanted to be in the navy. The title of this book describes him because he truly is fearless. He is willing to sacrifice his life for others, that is what a true hero does. The definition of hero ” Is a person who commits an act of remarkable bravery or who has shown an admirable quality such as great courage or strength of character”. But I think of a hero as something else. It is someone who never gives up and is willing to dedicate themselves full hearty. Not someone who is brave and courageous but the heart to do it. Such as a doctor, he can save someone’s life by helping him have the right treatment. He didn’t need act brave and courageous but became a hero but because he didn’t give up and dedicate themselves full hearty. That is what I believe the true meaning of hero is. That is why I believe how Adam Brown is a hero, not because his bravery or courageousness but of the dedication and heart. Now that’s a hero in my book, what’s your meaning?
    - Aaron C.

  37. In chapters 9 and 10, Bud meets a librarian, and that librarian seems to know little Bud. She gives him a big book about the Civil War
    and the map from city to city. When Bud escapes a man sees him and gives him some food to eat. The man lets Bud go and Bud tries to escape by driving the car, but eventually the car doesn’t go far, only 30 big steps.

  38. Book: Bud, Not Buddy
    By: Christopher Paul Curtis
    In Chapters 9 and 10, Bud went to the library and since I used to come there over often, the librarian remembered him and how he lived to read civil war books. That was why she gave him a giant book on Civil War. Then after he found out where Grand Rapids were he was of on his way. On the way to there, he meet a man who bribed him to come out with a sandwich and a red pop. When he got into the car, he saw that he had human blood so he started to slam the gas to run away from him.
    -Aaron C.

  39. In Bud, not Buddy, Bud leaves Flint and tries to run away. He meets a man called Mr. Lewis who offers to dive him a sandwich and pop if he comes out and answers his questions. He does, but sees a box labeled “Human Blood” on the seat. He immediately tries to drive the car away because he thinks the man is a vampire.

  40. In these two chapters of the book, chapter 9 and ten, it is about the librarian remembering how Bud and his mother used to come to the library and how his mother used to like mysteries and fairytales. She also gave him a huge book called, The Pictorial History of the War Between the States.After that she thought he might be hungry and gave him a cheese sandwich to eat. Chapter 10 is about a man by the name, Mr.Lewis offering him a spare baloney and mustard sandwich and an apple with a soda pop if he showed him his face and answered some questions. So Bud accepted the deal. But, when he saw a box saying urgent contains human blood, he locked himself into the car and drove off.

  41. Book: Bud, not Buddy

    An event that happened in this story was in chapter 10 when Bud made a weird decision about locking himself in a car and driving of because he thought Mr. Lewis was a vampire. A weird thing is how the librarian was still able to remember how his mother used to like fairy tales and mysteries.
    I can’t really decide which chapters in this story where the best, but the way Bud reacts in this story is usually fun to read. To be honest, I liked this book a lot then I thought I would. BUD, NOT BUDDY IS AWESOME! :) :D :D :D

  42. In chapter 9-10 Bud does not make the train so he goes to the mission for food and then goes to the library and the librarian says that she recognizes
    Bud. Bud borrows the atlas and makes the route to Grand Rapids.

  43. Also when Lefty Lewis finds Bud, Bud sees the blood in a container and locks the car and drives but then stops. Bud thought that Lewis was a vampire that doesn’t really makes sense but I guess that’s a book for you.

  44. In chapters 9 and 10 Bud wants to run away from Flint to a city called Grand Rapids. He goes to the public library and asks the librarian for the atlas. The librarian says that she recognizes him and gives him the book. While looking at the book, Bud finds out that it will take a day and night to walk to Grand Rapids. So he sets out on his long journey. In a way he succeeds in running away. But a man named Mr. Lewis finds him on his way to Grand Rapids. Mr. Lewis says that he will give Bud food if Bud answers some questions for him. He agrees. One of the questions was where he was coming from. Bud said that he was from Grand Rapids when he was really from Flint. Mr. Lewis said that he’d drive Bud to Grand Rapids. While Bud was climbing into the car he finds a box labeled human blood. He thought that Mr. Lewis is a vampire and drove away without him. But Mr. Lewis catches up and says that he is not a vampire.

  45. Chapter 9 is about how Bud makes it to the mission in time, but his pretend family is not there. So, he has to eat his oatmeal without the brown sugar they’d shared with him. He goes to the library, hiding his suitcase under one of the Christmas trees. He asks her for a piece of paper, a pencil, and one of the books how far one city is from another. She talks about him and his mother whom she remembers coming to the library together. She even remembers that his momma liked fairy tales and mysteries, but he liked books on the Civil War. She gives him the book he wanted. At a table, he begins to look at the book until he finds information that tells him Flint is 120 miles from Grand Rapids and that it will take 24 hours to walk it. One minute you open the first page of the book and the next minute it’s closing time. The librarian tells him to go, and gives him lunch, because she knows he hasn’t eaten all day. He knows he won’t make it to the mission on time, so the librarian’s gift is more than welcome. He returns to the Christmas tree thinking that this time tomorrow he will see his father. He eats the sandwich. And sstarts thoughtful moment and thhe next chapter began. In Chapter 10, Bud is confused at how Flint just ends and the country begins. He spends a few tiimes jumping back and forth across the imaginfary line that marks the city’s boundary. He can hear the sounds of mouse bones and bug skeletons being “busted up” by the teeth of biigger things. He stops jumping into the bushes when a car goes by. He has gone through three small towns when a car goes up the hill, its headlights was just pretty much blinding him. He decides he jump into bushes along the road. The guy in the car puts on the brakes, puts it into reverse, and stops. He steps out of the car, putting on a hat that makes Bud think he’s a soldier.This guy gavve him a hard time for not being from around there and walking at 2:30 a.m. Thee offering of “red pop and bologna sandwich” is gives Bud.. Bud becomes suspicious about hhis comment of needing “help with a problem,” . He is always suspicious of adults that say they need help, because he knows he is going to haave to do worrk.

  46. Bud went back in the library, and the librarian recognized him. He’s going to walk a day to Grand Rapids, which is 120 miles away. After he passed three towns, he got caught. He then figured out a way to escape, by driving the man’s car away. The man caught back up, and then they drove to Flint, then back to Great Rapids the next day.

  47. In the book “Bud, not buddy,” Bud leaves Flint and runs away. After he runs away, he goes to the mission for breakfast, but he does not find his fake family for the brown sugar. After that, he goes to the library, and at that exact moment in time, the librarian remembers everything that Bud and his mom had done in the library together. After that, the librarian gives him the map. He divides 120 by 5 an gets 24. He has to travel 24 more hours to get to Great Rapids

  48. Book Title: Bud, Not Buddy

    In the chapters 9 and 10, Bud went to the mission and had a lot of time to spare. But unfortunately, his fake family wasn’t there to give him his brown sugar. After that he goes to the library. Once he says hi to the librarian, she recognized him. She remembered that he and his mom used to go to the library and Bud only went to the Civil War books for the gore. So the librarian gave Bud a Civil War book. But before, Bud asked for the same map that she used from here to Chicago. Bud wanted to see how far Great Rapids is. He thought his dad lives there. So he looked at the map; It said 120! So Bud divided 120 by 5 and got 24. It will take 24 hours from Flint to Great Rapids! He decided to start that day. When Bud walked, he met this man in a car with a little lunch. they started to get together when Bud saw HUMAN BLOOD. He thought that this guy was a vampire so once the stranger was not in the car, Bud locked all the door in the car, and started driving off…

  49. I read chapters 9 and 10 or bud not buddy and Bud is on the highway walking towards Grand Rapids. Then a man named Mr. Lewis drives him to the grand rapids.bud tells Mr.lewis who his father might be and Mr.Lewis knew him

  50. So far in in chapters 9 & 10 bud got to go to the library when the libraries came back and found out that it would take 24 hours to get to the great rapids.

  51. In Chapters 9-10 Bud goes to the library again. He asks the librarian to see the map to find out how many mile would it take to go to the Great Rapids from Flint.He finds out that it takes 120 miles so be would have to walk on full day and night. The librarian notices that she remembers Bud and his mother and how they use to come and get books ( fairy tales and civil war). The librarian gifts him with a big thick book about the civil war. When Bud leaves the librarian gives him a cheese sandwhich. The next day he starts walking and he meets this man named Mr.Lewis. Mr.Lewis gives him a lift and suddenly he spots blood….. He thinks Mr.Lewis is a vampire and locks him up in the car and starts driving. Mr. Lewis catches up and tells Bud that he is not a vampire.

  52. Bud, Not Buddy
    Chapters 9-10
    Bud suspects a man on the flyer is his father that he has never known. This man lives in Grand Rapids, and Bud feels determined to get to that place. He goes to the library to get a book on cities to plan his trip, but meets a familiar librarian. She recognized him overtime, and acts super nice to him. After he plans his trip, he gets a surprise from her: a huge book on the Civil War! He was so caught up in the book, he didn’t notice how hungry he was. The nice librarian also gave him a cheese sandwich. When he left the library, he headed out on his great trip.
    He hardly got into the countryside when a man catches him in Owosso, Michigan at 2:30 a.m. In an exchange to see Bud’s face, the stranger offers him a deal of a baloney and mustard sandwich, an apple, and some soda pop. Bud agrees, and the man sees his face. He asks him where he’s from, and Bud lied, saying that he was from Grand Rapids so that the man could take him there. The man, fortunately, is from there, too. Once in the car, Bud sees a box labeled “Human Blood”. Bud gets scared because he thinks the man is a vampire…

  53. Today I read a book called Felicia’s Fairy God mother. It is a very amazing book about a fairy who gives the child 3 wishes. She has a life span of a daisy. Everyday she has less energy before. Will she survive and complete her task? Or will she wither and die.
    ———————–Ruhi :)

  54. Hey guys!

    Today I read The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien. The part I read today was when A young hobbit in his teens, (Named Frodo* Baggins) Goes on a perilous quest to destroy a dangerous ring once holding the possessed power of Gollum. A slimy creature who lives in the caves near the Orcs* castle. The young hobbit encounters the slimy creature, Gollum, and the creature tricks Frodo and his friend, Samwise Gamgee, into thinking that he is trying to help them destroy the cursed ring. But, at the end, Frodo finds out Gollum wants to take the ring in for his own. They get into a dangerous fight and, sooner or later, destroy the ring.

    *Orcs: Dangerous creatures after the ring to summon their long lost dark lord.
    *Frodo: A young hobbit who is the son of Bilbo Baggins, who has went on a mission himself to defeat Smaug the Magnificent, a large and very dangerous dragon.

    :) :D :(

  55. Book Title: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban

    Today I read that it was Christmas and Harry had some presents. He soon found that he got the best broom in the world yet anonymously. It is called the Firebolt. It was very odd because Sirius Black was on the loose so Hermione went Professor Mcgonagall to check for jinxes. So Harry lost the Firebolt and he was very mad at Hermione. The next day, he went to Professor Lupin to learn a Patronus. This book is a very good book so far.

  56. I am reading an amazing book called The Candy Shop War by Brandon Mull. In this book there is an evil magician who is after the fountain of youth. If she drinks the water from this fountain she would not only get younger but her powers would get even stronger than they are now. She has enlisted three kids to help her. But there are people who are trying to stop her like 5th graders Nate, Summer, Pigeon, and Trevor. Will Nate, Summer, Pigeon, and Trevor stop this evil magician? Read the story to find out!

  57. Book: Fearless
    By: Eric Blehm
    In this book, “Fearless”, it is about a Navy Seal and about his young life. His young life was fun and exciting. He was fearless. In six grade he was playing football and he bit his tongue right off. All he did was he took his friends, ” I’m going to the nurse”. Even at a age of nineteen months, he climbed out of his crib and jumped out of there. His dad even had to cut the crib’s legs shorter to lower the impact when he fell out. At a young age of two he also climbed up to a twelve food railing and jumped down. Only finding him laughing playfully. He was always fearless and not afraid of anything. Now that’s something.
    -Aaron C.

  58. Over the weekend I read a book called The Candy Shop War, Arcade Catastrophe by Brandon Mull. In this book there is an arcade called Arcadeland. Something mysterious is going on there. When 5th grade friends: Nate, Summer, Pigeon, Lindy, and Trevor go to check it out they find out two things. One is that there are these stamps for 40,000 to 50,000 tickets (you earn tickets from the games). If you get one of these stamps it will grant you something that is beyond imagination. The second one is that Arcadeland is owned by an evil magician. He plans to use these stamp holders to find him a treasure that would grant so much power, you can’t even explain it in words. What do the stamps do? Will Nate, Summer, Pigeon, Lindy, and Trevor stop this evil magician? Read the story to find out!

  59. Book Title: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban

    Today I read that Harry had his first Dementor lesson with Professor Lupin. He had to preform a highly advanced patronus/spell make the Dementors’ go away. Harry wasn’t successful the couple of times but then on the third try, Harry produced a shield from him to the Dementor.
    For the past few lessons’, Harry wasn’t getting a full Patronus. It was the impressive though because he is only 13.

  60. Book Title: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban

    Today I read that Harry got his Firebolt back from Professor McGonagall so he practiced with it. It was the best practice he ever had because he did so well. So on the match against Ravenclaw, Harry was on his Firebolt trying to find the Snitch. Once he found it, three hooded Dementors came Harry’s way. Harry did what he learned. He took out his wand and told the curse and it really worked. Then, like nothing happened, Harry caught the Snitch. Everybody were happy except for Professor McGonagall. The Dementors weren’t real. They were Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, and Flint on top of each other. They got in very big trouble.

  61. Book Title: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban

    Today I read that Harry was partying until the party was over. Then Harry fell asleep and was awoken by Ron’s scream. He screamed because he saw that Sirius Black was standing over him with a knife. George, Fred, and Percy all said it was a nightmare but Ron denied. Professor McGonagall came in from all the noise. Even she said it was a nightmare. So Ron tried to get some evidence and told McGonagall, “You should ask the person who guards the entrance.” So she went to the entrance and asked, “Did you let in someone?”
    “I sure did.”
    “Did he have the passwords?”
    “Yes he did. He had all of them. He read them off of a piece of paper.”
    McGonagall went back into the room and told, Who left their passwords on the ground. Neville raised his hand and he got in very big trouble.

  62. Today I read The Last Battle, by C.S. Lewis. I have read this book several times before, and it is a good book. One thing that I noticed was that Aslan’s country was really “heaven”. It is interesting, because once I learned that, I began to see more connections, such as the fact that both Aslan and Jesus died sacrificing themselves for somebody or some peoples’ sins, and came back alive. They were also both humiliated badly before they died. The similarities are astounding. The difference is that C.S. Lewis described his idea of heaven as a better copy of all the worlds in which every good thing is there.

  63. Book Title: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban

    Today I read that Harry went to the wizarding town called Hogsmeade. He couldn’t go there because he didn’t get his permission slip signed, but he still went anyways by a secret tunnel. And even Sirius Black was on the loose so Harry needed even more protection. But still, he is still young so he still makes mistakes. But for protection, he took the invisibility cloak so he could be invisible. At Hogsmeade, Malfoy was even there; Since he couldn’t see Harry, he threw snow- and mud-balls at Malfoy and his friends. Then Harry’s cloak slipped off, so Malfoy saw him and he went to tell. Harry went back in the secret passage and back through the halls. But then Snape called him in the office. Looks like he didn’t get in trouble because Professor Lupin backed Harry up because he knew everything that was going on.
    He took the map (the one that showed him the secret passages) from Harry and gave him a lecture on why he didn’t turn it in (I am very disappointed… How can you do that… Black is on the loose…) That is all I read today.

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