May 29th -Reading Response


Typically, when we are reading, we envision ourselves in the place of one of the characters. Put yourself in the place of the one of the characters. If you could change a decision that they have made thus far, what would it be and why?

Happy reading!
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  1. The book I read is called The Code Busters Club, by: Penny Warner.The characters are M.E., Cody, Luke, and Quinn. I would want to be in Cody’s shoes because her mom’s a cop so she’s always safe. If I were Cody I would be scared because, when Jezebel threw Cody on the wall it must have hurt her. In fact, I think it hurt her so much that blood started oozing from her head. If I could change a part of the book I would change the beginning because, in the beginning they started getting up in all of Skeleton Mans bees wax. Now because of them, the four kids lives are in serious danger!

    • In my opinion, I think they were right to get into Skeleton Mans’ so called “beeswax” because without them, the theft’s plot wouldn’t have been stopped!

  2. Well,
    The book I am reading is the hunger games and one choice I would change is when Katniss threw out the cookies Peeta’s father gave to her. She could have given it to Prim and her mother.
    I would make this change because it would help Prim relax.

  3. A-Z Mysteries: Sleepy Hallow Sleepover

    In this story, Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose go on a mystery to unlock the past of a legend named the Headless Horseman. They soon realize that a mysterious robbery in a bank is connected with the legend and they soon come face to face with the robbers themselves! They get kidnapped and soon are able to find their way out and thus, slow down the robber’s next plot. The robbers are soon put to justice.

    What I wish that Andy should have done was when he was on the hayride and a costumed zombie was acting like he was attacking Dink, Andy should have told Dink that it wasn’t a real zombie.

  4. Book Title: Infinity Ring
    By: James Dashner

    I read the book infinity ring In this book and I was the main character I would change the story when Dak’s Mom and Dad are stuck in time.

  5. Adventures of Tintin
    The main character in this book is Tintin. The thing that I would change in the book is when he gets hit by a lamp while stealing the boat because I would really like if he could easily escape with the first ship. Then the adventure could go on more simply.

  6. Book: The kid in the red jacket

    A boy has a brother named Gaylord and if i where the little boy i wouoldn’t be so annoying to his brother .

  7. In the book Janitor Spencer meets Hadley someone who helps Spencer defeat those creatures. Hadley also helped Spencer prove that the creatures was real to Daisy. spencer looks for certain tools and is in the creepy bathroom with daisy to look for a nail. The nail is special in some way and if I were Spencer I would be creeped out and I would change my mind by asking Hadley for some more back up instead of just Daisy.

  8. Book: Spring Pearl by: Laurence Yep
    If I were in Spring Pearl’s shoes, I would change risking the jacket that her mom had especially sewn for her. She gives it to the person in charge of letting people see the prisoners. The person who lets people go to see the prisoners really admired her mom’s work so he made a deal. If she gave him the jacket, he would let her see Mister Sung. So she took the deal.

  9. Book: The Attacks of 9/11

    This book is about a boy named Lucas, Who was a witness in the attacks of 9/11 and was one of the survivors of 9/11. I have finished the book and I recommend this book to anyone. The book is by famous author Lauren Tarshis

  10. Book: Oliver Twist
    By: Charles Dickens
    In this book, “Oliver Twist”, I would change when Oliver joined the thief’s in robing many people. This is because this lead Oliver to take more of a beating, got framed for stealing a wallet, and had to put up with this madness. If he had not went to the ” shelter”, then he wouldn’t have got into trouble. But on the on the hand, if he didn’t go to the shelter he wouldn’t have a place to live and he wouldn’t have meet his friends. Also not meeting the kind old man who took care of him and helped him be proved innocent from stealing the wallet.
    – Aaron C.

  11. Book: The Unfinished Angel
    Author: Sharon Creech

    Tonight I cannot respond to the response. Because I wouldn’t know how to be an angel. Basically because I’m not dead and I am nothing like Zola and there’s another child but still I do not collect banana slugs.

  12. Found

    Throughout the book I am been putting myself in Jonah’s “shoes”. When Jonah is talking to Mr.Reardon in the FBI building I would ask him about Chip and how his number was on the post-it. Once I get the letters I would tell my parents about it and also tell them how Chip is adopted. It would make Chip more comfortable and welcomed. One thing I wonder about is why does Jonah act so awkward and shy around Mr. Reardon; can he do something to Jonah for asking about his own life.

  13. My book is Inkheart and I have finished this book today. If I could change something that Mo, the main character’s(Meggie) dad did, if Capricorn was looking for you, I would have gone somewhere far away like a different continent and build an underground place with the money given from his rich relative, Elinor. Then, nobody would find him and Meggie. If you did this, then Capricorn wouldn’t have found him.

  14. I read the book The Year the Swallows Came Early and if I were Eleanor, I wouldn’t get on a boat that was close to sinking and the captain was a risky driver. Plus in bad weather. In the book, the captain was her best friend who first of all didn’t know how to sail the boat and second of all, made too many waves. Eleanor got onto the boat and almost died because they were too far out at sea and the boat got a hole in it but the “captain” sailed back super fast, as usual and they reached the dock safely. And I wouldn’t also throw away a note that my mom left for me because she said that she would be home later just because I was mad at her. I would leave it there. Just read it but not crumple it up and throw it away. But what thing I would never change is that if my father spent all of my money that my great- grandmother gave to me, and it was all of the money that she had, $25,000, I would be mad at him for spending it all on a bet. And it was for my dreams. That’s exactly why Eleanor’s father went to jail.

  15. Catching Fire
    Suzanne Collins

    If I could be in the place of one of the characters in this book, that would surely be in the place of the main character, Katniss Everdeen. I would do this because Katniss is in the Hunger Games (a deadly battle on live TV) and she chose to have allies to help her. But there is only one catch. If Katniss’ group manages to survive, they will have to kill each other till there is only one person remaining. That remaining person would win the Hunger Games. So I would change her decision to not have allies.

  16. The Homework Machine #2
    I would’ve went into Brenton’s shoes and not have told Sam about the machine, because the 4 kids wouldn’t have gone to jail if Brenton hadn’t told Sam, and then Sam spreading it to Judy, Snik, and Kelsey. They wouldn’t have seen Blech (the machine’s name) and used it, and he wouldn’t have gotten in big trouble.

  17. Book: Wings of Fire
    Author: Tui t. Sutherland
    If I were mud wings I would put something that really angers me so I would fight better. Also I would change it by deciding to fly with sea wings to go look for my parents.( they were taken from their homes to protect the evil dragons.)

  18. I read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban today.It was really good, and I kept thinking of what if I were in Harry’s shoes. If I were in Harry’s shoes, I would not have sneaked into Hogsmead without permission, even if it was boring in the castle. He really shouldn’t have provoked Malfoy and his buddies. I knew that his cloak would probably fall off, but boys will be boys!

  19. I read Harry potter and The Prisoner of Askaban and what I would change about the book is that when Harry made puffy and like a baloon as she started floating, I wish in that moment she would go into space and blew up because I hated her SO much. She just was so mean to harry! Also I wish that Harry had a magic power that when the dementor attacked him on the train, he could make it weak or kill it like he did to voldermort [:

  20. Book Title: Sent
    By: Margaret Peterson Haddix

    Today if I were in Jonah’s shoes, I would’ve never eaten the breakfast (in my other post) and I wouldn’t think about home. When Jonah was using the bathroom, he got memories of his home. Now I am predicting that he will be less focused in saving time now that he remembers that he wants to go back home. And even when the guards searched the castle, I would’ve hidden at someplace else where the guards won’t find. Or they could have jumped out the window and use the Elucidator (a device that can do basically anything) to fly. I hope Jonah and his friends don’t make more silly mistakes like these. If they continue, they will sooner or later get caught. Like when they are going on a boat, Jonah bumps into someone. I recommend this book to people who like suspension and what-will-happen-next books.

  21. Wolves of the Beyond: Watch Wolf
    Kathryn Lasky
    The main character in this book is Foalan, a wolf. If I was in his shoes I would kind of scared and alone, with nobody to take care of me and treat me. Imagine if you were alone in the wilderness and you are only a month old, eating random things like plants and insects with no shelter and care. If I was Foalan then I wouldn’t have left the cave because that was his only shelter. Plus, his prediction was wrong there was a huge snowstorm and he didn’t know where he was going.

  22. Book Title: Chicken Feathers

    The main character of this book is Josh and his pet chicken, Semolina, that can actually talk in English! There’s actually a little bit more to this book that I would change, but I’ll just name a few. If I were Josh, I wouldn’t assume that Semolina was killed by the fox so quickly. I would keep looking and not give up. Also, if I were Josh, I would have a serious conversation with “my” grandmother about how she treats Semolina. Grandmother always hits the poor chicken because she did her business on the blankets and drinking the brew that Grandmother made. Also, I would give up on liking Annalee because she already has a boyfriend. But Josh still secretly likes her. It’s all in his body language. (hee hee!) Also, Josh spends a lot of time at his home, but I would stay near “my” pregnant mom a lot more.

  23. An Accidental Adventure
    We Are Not Eaten By Yaks
    by G. Alexander London

    In this adventurous book, there are two main characters, Celia and Oliver. I would put myself in Celia’s shoes, because I have more in common with her than with Oliver. For one, I am the oldest child in my house. Celia is, too. We both like to use new or interesting words that we have learned, like flamboyant. However, Celia doesn’t really like to read while I do.(A lot!) What I would change about the decisions that Celia made include watching TV all the time and not trying to understand their father’s fascination of exploring the world. They learn some little things from TV, but they don’t apply it to real life at all. They like the adventurous programs, but in reality they hate to go adventuring. If I were them, I’d try to have a positive attitude and try to find a subject or area that they DO like, instead of moping around uselessly in front of the TV.

  24. Homework machine
    Sam walks into class, and sees Snik’s dad with a gigantic gun. Even weirder, Kelsey’s hair is dyed. Dyed PINK! In Sam’s mind: Who dyes their hair pink! Judy saw it too, and started snickering. Kelsey said that it was her birthday present, and she thought dyeing her hair made her look young and normal.

  25. The homework machine
    Brenton loves to play chess with Sam, but Sam knows that Brenton will beat him, and he didn’t like to lose. Since that he didn’t like losing, he wanted to get better by practicing with his dad. On the first day, he’s white and he gets checkmated by his dad with 2 moves, I guess he wasn’t a super good chess player.

  26. Hi the book i read today is called Twelve and if I put myself into the main characters shoes it would be hard and fun. Winnie keeps getting cramps so it hurts so much and that be bad if I were in that situation because he has to go through it.Sometimes though,it is fun like middle school. Winnie can make new friends so easily and she gets more popular. Winnie gets invited to so many parties, what will she say if there is two on the same day?

  27. Book Title: Sent
    By: Margaret Peterson Haddix

    I read that “King” Richard got crowned king when King Edward was supposed to. But Richard killed Edward and his brother so he got crowned. When Chip heard “Long live Richard the Third,” Chip went crazy. He was still invisible but he shouted as loud as he could over the shouting of other people. Only some guards heard it but they were the same guards that belived in ghosts. That’s all I read today.

  28. Book Title: Sent
    By: Margaret Peterson Haddix

    Today I read that everyone went into a room to pray for Richard. But when he hear weird sounds, he told everyone to get out. Once every one did, Chip started saying “You shouldn’t have done it. They were your relatives. You don’t deserve to be king.” It was working for sometime because Richard was freaking out, but then he said three words that made them scramble: ” I see you.” The invisibility was wearing off so Richard could see them. And even they were wearing 20th century clothes, not 15th century clothes. So Richard freaked out again. They ran to a crack and saw a staircase. They had no choice to climb it but soon they ran into some guards. Now what will happen? What will they do?

  29. Over the weekend, the book I read is called Stranded by Jeff Probst. If I were in Vanessa’s shoes, I’d be scared because Vanessa is the oldest. She’s basically the leader of the 4 kids. Without her there would be no chance of being safe. Stranded is a book about 4 kids getting shipwrecked on a abandoned island without any adult supervision. They now have to live on their own supporting each other for every minute before things go wrong. Find out more by reading Stranded.

    • If I were to change anything they did thus far in the book it would probably trying to not stay together. If they don’t stick together bad things could happen and no one would have a clue. If I were them I would stick together.

  30. Book Title: Sent
    By: Margaret Peterson Haddix

    Today I read that Chip tells the guards “We are from another country so we are wearing different clothes. I guess the guards believe that excuse because they play along. They keep on telling them things they already knew but they acted like they didn’t know. Not much happened then. They just went to hide and make themselves invisible again. But it was very interesting the way Chip and Alex and Jonah told that they shouldn’t get in trouble basically.

  31. May 31,
    Tyler Whitesides
    Spencer and Daisy take Max to the ice cream social so that Max could make a huge mess and if I were Max I would tell other kids to help me make the huge mess.

  32. June 1,
    Tyler Whitesides
    Now Spencer and Daisy are running away from Marv the evil janitor, and they have to go through the whole schools and in the end they escaped. If I were Spencer I would be running for my life and panic!

  33. June 2,
    Tyler Whitesides
    Spencer and Daisy sadly are in trouble and they are called to the Priciple’s office. If I was in Spencer’s shoes i would be mad and blame Hadley for getting me suspended.

  34. Title: The Crossing: How George Washington Saved the American Revolution
    by: Jim Murphy
    Great Britain was in control of the colonies of America when America was hardly developed as a country. The Americans didn’t like how the British taxed and governed them, so they wanted to fight for themselves. If I were in the British’s shoes, I wouldn’t have treated Americans so unfairly.

  35. Book: Double Helix

    I have finished this book a very long time ago, but decided that I should write a blog about it. This book is about an 18-year-old named Eli (Elijah) who works at a lab. Throughout the entire story, he wants to find out why his mom had HD, Huntington’s Disease. His mom’s doctor, Dr. Wyatt, is Eli’s assistant in work. When he later finds that out, he explodes him with questions. Then comes Eli’s dad, he is a kind-hearted person, but when he found out that Dr. Wyatt was a friend of Eli, he started to ignore Eli. This is another great novel by Nancy Werlin. This is the best mystery/romance/tragedy/action genre book I have ever read. I recommend it to anyone.

  36. The book I’m reading is The Return of the Homework Machine (when I was typing this, I wanted to underline the title using Ctrl+U, and instead I OPENED THE WEBSITE TERMINAL CODING COMMANDS), By Dan Gutman. Today, I read that Brenton didn’t think Belch(the homework machine) was as fascinating as the others thought about the machine. He thought that the machine was just a helping tool for making a job easier, like a hammer or screwdriver. He was more amazed when others are doing the same thing. One day, he spread over the internet to tell everyone to wear to wear red socks to school tomorrow. Tomorrow, everyone in North America except Brenton was wearing red socks. It spread to the teachers, who were wearing red socks too, and even to the news.

  37. The book I read over the weekend was Avi The seer is shadows. Right now Pegg is trying to stop Eleanora ( a ghost) from hurting the people that abused her and just now Eleanora just set a roo mon fire that is in a hospital to a cruel woman who hurt her and Pegg is trying to get the sick lady out of the room.

  38. Book tittle:the storm dogs of the drowned city
    By:Dayna Lorentz

    I read this book called the storm dogs of the drowned city. In this book if I could change something I would change the mans no pets allowed rule. I would change the no pets allowed rule because if the rule wasn’t there then the main character,Shep would not have to be left behind in a hurricane.

  39. Hi during the weekend I read the last Olympian which is part of the Percy Jackson series. In this book Thaila daughter of Zeus gets turned back into a half blood because she had been a tree and Percy becomes very good friends with her. The day before winter brake Annabeth, Percy and Thaila join up to go on a quest to meet Grover and find two new half bloods. When they arrive they go into a giant castle and have to dance so they can act natural.

  40. Book title:The Titans Curse
    by:Rick riordan

    I would change the part when Bianca Di Angelo
    made the choice of going inside of the giant robot. I would change this because she died.

    • Book tittle: The mark of Athena
      By: Rick Riordan

      In this book I would change the part when Leo attacked New Rome.

    • I think that you should take into consideration that if she did not, all of the people on the quest would have died, ALONG with herself. It was either die and be a hero, or die along with your friends knowing that you could have prevented their deaths.

  41. Hi during this weekend I read the book the last Olympian by rick Riorman. In the book before sea of monsters Thaila was turned back into a half blood because before her father Zeus had turned her into a tree to keep her from dying. Now, in the book the last Olympian Percy becomes friends with Thaila and they have to go on a quest with Annabeth to find Grover and two new half bloods. When they get there they have to dance to act natural.

  42. The book I read today is called the Winnie years, twelve by Lauren Myracle. Winnie is going through difficult changes. Some people tell Winnie to grow up. Winnie doesn’t exactly understand what growing up means. On the other side, Winnie feels like her old best friend, Amanda, are getting closer. This is only because of the camp they went to. Winnie’s afraid that Amanda is only being her friend because Gail, Amanda’s other friend, is out of town.

  43. I read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and if I was in Sirius Blaack’s place I would not wait to kill every one so harry will be miserable. If I was in a bad side perspective, I would just kill everyone because he can killl 15 people in one curse. And ussually thats a rare amount.

  44. James Watt: An Biography
    By Susan Li

    This book I read was the biography of James Watt, which is nonfiction. Because it is nonfiction, I would not easily change decisions that Mr. Watt made. These decisions all inevitably lead to other decisions that in turn influence our modern world. For example, if James decided to “obey” his father instead of trying to do what he dreamed of becoming, an inventor, he would never have been able to get the extra education that he got. In turn, he then would never have been introduced specifically to the various broken science instruments that he fixed. We would then not have the improved steam engine invented on the 8th of March, in 1776. We would not even have the unit o measurement, the watt, which is “An International System unit of power equal to one joule per second.”, according to The Free Dictionary.
    However, I find that I have certain similarities with Mr. Watt. When James was a child, he often thought up new and interesting games. I do, too, but unlike James, I am healthy and not as fragile as him. Also, both of us focus much when we are much into something. When I play the piano, I often do not hear my mom screaming for me to come down and eat dinner. When James was in the middle of the experiment, he did not draw his attention from his experiment even though there was a fire all around him. We can tell that we are both very focused on our work.

  45. The book I was reading was called Big Nate: Genius Mode.
    A decision I didn’t like that Nate made was when he accidentally wrote Gina instead of Tina on his valentine cookie sheet.

  46. Today I read Dear Mr. Henshaw. It’s author is Beverly Cleary. If I could change the story, I would change the part where Leigh yells at his dad for calling him kid. This could have made his father mad.

  47. A book I was reading today was called Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days.
    A decision I wanted to turn around was when Greg didn’t try to mop up the mess when Heather Hills wanted him to do it. You could obviously can tell that Heather was irritated.

    P.S. something is really wrong with my clock.

  48. Today I read the book A – Z Mysteries C. So far in the book I read about Ruth,Dink,and Josh trying to find Mrs. Davis canary after it escaped from it’s cage. In the book, the kids find out that THREE other pets have mysteriously disappeared too. This book is good to read though I wished it was more maturely advanced. To find out who or what took the THREE missing pets, read A-Z Mysteries C!

  49. Greek Myths
    by Olivia Coolidge

    This book is a book about the Greek myths of old. It is a nonfiction book, told from the point of view of Zeus, the lord of the sky. There are many fictional characters in this book, though. They are mostly gods and demigods, though most of the information is accurate. The problem with this is that I can’t seem to decide which category this book belongs to!
    There are many characters in this book. I cannot make many connections with them, however, because they are mostly gods who have extreme superpowers. The little mortals there are in this book are all men, and most of the important Greek gods are men as well. This makes me wonder why many early people thought that women were unimportant. If I were the main character, Zeus, I would not cut up my dad to get freedom, but then again, Krono’s decision to swallow his children was unforgivable.

  50. The book that I read is called The winnie years by Lauren Myracle. Winnie Tries to act like a little kid again because she knows that she id going to be a teenager next year but whenever she tries to things just keep getting in the way. For example, homework, projects and other things relate to school or just in general. Her best friend invites her to her party and like always Winnie goes but at the party, her mom calls and tells her that she is going to pick Winnie up because she has to work on the history benchmark coming up. Imagine you in that situation, I wouldnt really like it :)

  51. The book i read was the first daughter. The book is mainly about a daughter of the president tries not to mess up or even be selfish. Everything that she does is a broadcast on t.v!
    Is she going to make it without being annoyed?

  52. Book Title: InkSpell
    This is the next book of Inkheart and in this story, Dustfinger and Farid is with Orpheus, another storyteller that has the same talent as Mo, reading things out of a book.(example is if he reads from a book that a goblin appeared and ate books, then it would come out of the book and eat books.)So Dustfinger wants to go back to his world because he was read out of a book and he finally goes home. Farid is left behind with Gwin, Dustfinger’s dog. So Farid goes to Elinor’s house and pleads Meggie to read him inside where Dustfinger is because Farid wants to stick with Dustfinger. Meggie also wants to go in that book to see the new world. Will she succeed in going into the book with Farid, and will Farid even go inside the book and see the new world? How will Mo feel? Find out in the next summary!

    • I really don’t get why Meggie would do such a thing when she had everything she wanted; her mother, father, safety, and no torture. What could she want more? Didn’t she even think of her dad’s feelings? I think that Meggie is going cra-cra. Farid is weird too. Why would he go on dangerous adventures where he could get killed? Why did he follow Dustfinger so much?

  53. The homework machine
    Brenton starts to be called Dude in October, and people say he’s a genius. He thought he was less called dork, geek, or nerd, because he was in Snik’s groups many times. To Snik himself, he was still a dork.

  54. The book I read is called Miss Daisy is Crazy. It’s about a teacher who doesn’t like teaching. Her one student AJ agrees that he doesn’t like going to school either. AJ and Miss Daisy now have a strong student to teacher type of connection. What will happen next in their serious relationship? Find out in reading Miss Daisy is Cra Cra!

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